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Are We Neglecting Our Gifted Students?

In Uncategorized on February 24, 2009 at 8:07 pm

In a February 22, 2009, article, Gregory A. Patterson takes a look at the state of gifted education in public schools. Some parents believe their public school is not meeting the needs of their gifted child, and have enrolled their child in a private school that focuses on the gifted student. Some administrators, however, have changed curriculum to keep gifted students in their school in order to also keep the funding for the gifted student.

In Patterson’s article, Beth Carpenter, gifted program coordinator for the OSSEO School District said,

“[NCLB] has raised the floor,
but it has not raised the ceiling.”

At my high school, so much attention is focused on the underachievers (and we have so many of them), that Honors and GATE students have suffered greatly. I’m going to work next year to take these classes in hand and see if we can re-instate a great GATE program for those gifted students because I believe it’s the opportunities for creativity that is missing for the gifted students at my school. Teaching to standards do not bother me. Strict pacing guides that do not allow for expansion and exploration do bother me.

I’m not trying to argue in favor or against NCLB. I’m interested in how teachers are promoting creativity in their classrooms.

What about you? How are you maintaining creative classroom during this time of strict pacing guides?